Monday, August 09, 2004

Bush's folly in handling intelligence information

One of the hot news this weekend has been how the Administration blew the cover of a double agent, Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan. According to several news reports that I have read, he was working as an Al-Qaeda member but providing vital information to counter-terrorism forces in the US, Pakistan & the UK. Both the UK & Pakistan have been very annoyed at the US Administration's insensitive way of handling this issue. From what I understand, the UK govt was forced to arrest 12 members prematurely because of this, but do not have adequate evidence to press charges. Other Al Qaeda members fled when this information was leaked. What this means is that Bush is ready to sacrifice important counter-terrorism efforts in order to raise alerts for the American people - so it looks like he is strong on the "War on Terror" and he has a better chance to be re-elected.

How many times have we heard our dear President make statements about how great the economy is doing? Well, I've got news: on Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that only 32,000 jobs were created last month. As this
article outlines, for a huge economy like America, that is bad news. The number of people & families filing for bankruptcy & in dire economic stress has increased dramatically.

Thirty years ago, Nixon resigned. His presidency reminds me a lot of Bush: corrupt & insincere. Just as he continued to engage the US in Vietnam, Bush is doing so in Iraq. Yesterday's, Henry Kissinger & Robert McNamara have been replaced by today's Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle & Condoleezza Rice. Nixon changed what Americans thought about the government - they lost a lot faith & were less active on the political scene. On the other hand, people were no longer afraid to question their government & their president. This
BBC report provides a good synopsis of the chaos at the time.

In other news, the 2004 Olympics in Athens begin this week. Unfortunately, 2 of
Greece's baseball players tested positive on a drug test. It is so sad to watch such a great event tainted by drugs.