Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Colors of Fear

A great news source on the Middle East is Informed Comment, a blog by Juan Cole, a professor at University of Michigan.

What am I supposed to make of these color-coded threat alerts? I am not really sure. A small part of me wants to say it is propaganda by the Bush Administration to be constantly in fear of an unknown threat from an unseen enemy. This Washington Post article states that most of the intelligence information for this alert came in before 9/11! I don't want to undermine the threat the US faces from terrorists, but Bush has become so untrustworthy in face of the several scandals in the past few months, that it is hard to believe any statement from his Administration. He says he supports the 9/11 commission suggestions, but facts reveal otherwise.

We were promised that after Iraqi power would be transferred to the newly appointed government, Iraq would be sovereign & a lot safer. The spiral of violence this past week with the latest bombings of the churches, seem to indicate the contrary. Christians in Iraq have always been a protected minority & to blame it merely on "insurgents" is inaccurate. I don't think it is normal Iraqis perpetrating the attack but terrorists who have infiltrated through the porous Iraqi borders from the region. The lack of security, economic opportunities (approx. 60% unemployment rate), and self-governance has led to rising anger in Iraqis and a perfect breeding ground for terrorists & a spread of radical Islam. It is not their goal to see a unified & peaceful Iraq, but an unstable one for them to continue their activities. Leading Muslim & political leaders, including Grand Ayatullah Sistani and radical Moqtadar al-Sadr, and Arabic press have condemned the attack. Although there are allegations about evangelical Christians from the US trying to promote Christianity & discord, to see Iraqi Christians as representatives of the West is ridiculous and unfair.