Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Exploiting 9/11 In New York

As expected, the Republican National Convention in New York, exploited 9/11 to justify the hawkish policies of the current Administration. I agree with Juan Cole, that it was wrong because 9/11 affected ALL Americans, not just Republicans. The Christian Science Monitor has a great article on some interesting aspects from the floor. Arizona Senator John McCain (moderate Republican & a good friend of John Kerry & a war hero) & Former NY Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani were the main speakers last night.

The investigation on a possible Israel related espionage case by an analyst at the Dept. of Defense is still under way. I'm not sure how much farther it will go consider the close ties with the US has with Israel. There was an embarrassing case in 1987 when Jonathan Pollard, an American intelligence analyst was arrested & convicted for spying for Israel. The best detailed report I have read so far is by Juan Cole, published by Electronic Intifada.

Two suicide bombers have managed to kill about 15 people and injuring dozens in a twin bus bombing in Israel. Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attack. I am sure we can expect to see a reciprocal attack by Israel in the next few days, probably on one of the defenseless refugee camps. I wonder how many of these attacks will be thwarted by the so-called "Security Wall."

Today is my last day as an intern for Friends for a Non-Violent World, where I was mainly working on the Roadmap out of Iraq Campaign. My feelings are mixed: I'll miss the place but not the long bus rides to work & I think it's time to go back to university, which starts next week. Speaking of Back to School, I can't stand the ads for new clothes for children from Target to K-Mart to Kohls to JC Penny's. I have always been in favor of uniforms, so that children understand that they go to school to study & be a productive member of society - not to parade in a fashion show!