Sunday, August 22, 2004

Go, Go, Goal!!!

Iraq's success story continues as they defeated Australia on Saturday in an exciting match 1-0. They will play Paraguay in the semi-finals. It was a nail biting match, and towards the end, I went to my room because I wouldn't have been able to bear to see them lose. Unfortunately, doping accusations continue to pile on athletes - this time a Greek & Russian.

The violence in Najaf continues although it is hard to trust any of the US media outlets on the situation - I would urge all those interested to keep reading Juan Cole's
Informed Comment. He reads a variety of reports especially from the Middle East & gives a better analysis of what is going on.

Violence has also erupted in Bangladesh - since I'm ignorant about the political scene there, all I can offer is this
BBC report.

Check out this
amusing story about a painting stolen in broad daylight from a Norway museum!

Thanks to those of you who provided me with positive feedback over the weekend - it is much appreciated...