Thursday, August 05, 2004

Moderate Republicans voting for Kerry?

Today, several of my colleagues and I met Rep. Ramstad, my US Congressmember & discussed the Road Map out of Iraq, which I have been working on with my organization. I was very impressed by his moderate views & his open criticism of neo-conservative policy. Although I'm disappointed how he has been voting party-line on foreign policy, he's not a scary right-winger. There are many Republicans supporting Kerry because they feel alienated by Bush - that will be an interesting development!

In other news, the situation caused by the closure of Gaza has been affecting hundreds of Palestinian refugees, stuck by the Egyptian border, including the old, young children, pregnant women and the disabled. The recent anarchy in Gaza and the West Bank, involving Arafat & corruption within the Palestinian Authority (PA) has left much to be reformed. There have been allegations that some PA members have been involved with the sale of cement to Egypt & Israel - some even claiming that it is this very cement that is being used to build the apartheid wall! The anger & resentment sowed over the past 4 years is not going to go away soon if true reform does not take place. It works against the Palestinians for the world to see fighting within the people. A peace deal cannot be brokered until there is unity, visionary leadership, and sincerity - something Arafat & his cronies cannot offer. Ziad Asali, president of the American Task Force on Palestine, has commented that Arafat should step down. All I can say it's about time!