Friday, August 06, 2004

More issues on Palestine & Israel

The Presbyterian Church of the United States recently voted 431-62 to divest - halt all investments - to Israel due to their illegal occupation & unjust policies towards Palestinians. Although it is a small step towards the right direction, it is one of the best news I have heard in a long time. I do believe that if religious & political groups come together to support Palestine, they will make a difference like they did in South Africa.
Here's an article about a
march by Jews Against the Occupation in New York, calling for the right of return of Palestinian refugees. This is a bold move from many other Jews on the left.

Israel has finally opened up the Egypt-Gaza border after leaving Palestinian refugees for nearly a month. In other developments, the Israeli government is going ahead with plans to build new settlements in the West Bank, despite US objections & in clear violation of last year's road map - or whatever is left of it. I wonder how much the US government realizes that Israel is like a spoiled child, who will not heed to its command unless it is severely reprimanded. Unless a stricter policy towards Israel is adopted, Sharon's govt will blatantly to continue human rights abuses and building illegal settlements. The lack of US condemnation for the apartheid wall being built on Palestinian territory, despite the UN ruling, is just one example.