Wednesday, August 11, 2004

New 'Muslims for Kerry' website

The Muslims for Kerry website was recently launched & I am very excited to see Muslims finally organizing politically. It really irritates me when Muslims complain about political issues & yet don't want to lobby, contribute financially or politically to campaigns, write or meet their elected officials or even vote! Why should candidates woo the Muslim vote if we don't give them an incentive? This is the first time we are getting an opportunity to make a small dent in the political spectrum & we better not lose it - if Muslims vote for Nader, we will lose support from both parties. This is the time to make sure that from now on, Democrats and Republicans pay attention to us, not ignore us.

Unfortunately, the violence in Najaf has not been quelled. A massive offensive operation by the US has been temporarily halted sparing the residents more suffering. The open markets have been completely destroyed & the continued aerial bombing of the cemetery is not going to win the US any brownie points. This
BBC report suggests that the governor of Najaf, Governor, Adnan al-Zorfi, may give the US permission to attack the holy shrine of Imam Ali - if they do that, all hell will break loose & will end up with more volunteers for Sadr.

Here's an interesting
article on terror & it's relation to mosques in the US.

As for the weather in Minnesota today, I'm disgusted! We have dropped from about 80F on Monday to around 50F today - I know the weather in MN is unpredictable, but it shouldn't feel like mid-October in mid-August!