Sunday, August 01, 2004

Oh, how my heart cries....

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 today. I'm not a big fan of Michael Moore because I think he is very confrontational. I have to agree that his latest movie is a brilliant documentary though. The footage and research showing the ties between the Bin Laden & Bush families are extremely disturbing. The number of key politicians, soldiers & other people he has interviewed to get his point across, impresses me. The 9/11 commission has confirmed several facts. Unlike right-wingers, I think he has great honor for the troops by showing people how unfair it is that it is the poor & disfranchised that mostly go to war. What is a unpatriotic is sending them on harm's way by lying to them & not caring adequately for the troops. I do however agree with one critic that Moore brands the Saudi Royal family as "The Saudis" making it sound like all the people in Saudi Arabia are a part of the conspiracy.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm not Arab. But after studying the Middle East for the past 2 yrs & having spent 4 months in Jordan, that region has captured a piece of my heart & it bleeds in pain when I watch the news. Every time, I think circumstances in the Middle East have hit rock bottom, a new crisis emerges. Like the Palestinian issue was not enough, the world now has an unstable & bloody Iraq on its hands. I want to share this poem by Nadeen Al-Jijakli published by Mizna - their latest issue was dedicated to Edward Said, a prominent Palestinian scholar who passed away last year. Sadly, this poem could very well have been talking about Iraq...

Free Palestine

I want to talk about
a truth that isn't heard
ideas that are absurd
a battle that isn't equal
a media that is deceitful
a conflict of political agenda, not religion
foreign policy with precision
the causes of this struggle
the forced nature of this trouble
a youth that doesn't play childhood
a father prevented from providing food
a family trapped in the confines of a home
the gunpoint facing the dome
a soldier spitting on a grown man's pride
a community with no place to hide
an incessant attack on people, not a cycle of violence
international opinion smothered in silence
a mother who holds back a cry
children leaving the house to die
a sun that never shines
I want to talk about