Monday, August 16, 2004

Politics galore

Juan Cole of Informed Comment had some great comments on the situation in Iraq while responding to online queries. My favorite one is: "If a Muslim group stormed (and damaged) the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome to remove a band of, say, IRA terrorists who had holed up in it, do you really think Western Christians would side with the Muslims?" More on abuse & theft by US soldiers.

Palestinian prisoners in several Israeli detention centers are on a hunger strike protesting humiliating & unfavorable conditions that they are held in. The Israeli authorities in turn are waging a psychological war on the prisoners by baking fresh bread, barbecuing & eating in front of them.

Can voters from abroad determine the elections? With about 4 million to 10 million American citizens living outside the US, this article suggests so.

Staying with news on the Olympics, the Iraqi soccer team is on a roll - they defeated Costa Rica 2-0 & are now in the quarter-finals. Here is another interesting article on Nassim Hassanpour, a teenage markswoman in the 10 meter air pistol event - the sole female athlete the Islamic Republic of Iran sent to the 2004 Olympics.