Monday, August 09, 2004

Sharia law in Canada

Just came across this article about some Canadian Muslims trying to implement sharia (Islamic) law. Although I respect Islam & some of its laws, I believe in the separation of state & church & do not support this notion as it leaves plenty of room for abuse.

Fierce fighting continues in Najaf as Allawi tries to quell the Sadr insurgency. Apparently, US troops have been shooting into a cemetery where Al-Mahdi fighters seem to have taken refuge & hide their weapons. Here's a bird's view of the situation by the only Western journalists in the area. Who is to blame for this latest round of violence depends on whom you ask.

Regarding the arrest warrant for Chalabi, how long will it be before the US get tired of Allawi & try to get him arrested too?! The US claims that Iraq is sovereign, so I wonder who is responsible for the one-month closure of Al-Jazeera in the country!