Thursday, September 02, 2004

Israel spy scandal runs deep

The more I read about the scandal regarding espionage by AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) on behalf of Israel, the more I realize how deep it is. However, considering the strong lobbying ties the group has & with election year, I doubt there will be any serious repercussions. For those asking how it could happen? Well, the 9/11 commission hearings focused on the Administration's failure to listen to warnings about the attack - the Administration is so incompetent & wrapped up with Iraq, I'm not surprised. That's why we need Kerry to win - to get rid of "National Security Advisors" such as Condoleezza Rice. The Washington Post reports that "AIPAC has been one of the most active advocates for Israeli interests in the United States and a central element in fostering that relationship. Its lobbyists maintain close relations with officials at the highest levels of both governments." The NYT focuses more on Israel's interests to intervene in Iran. As a country suspected of developing nuclear weapons, Iran is a major threat to Israel's interests and domination in the Middle East. For in depth analysis on ongoing discussion about this scandal and Iraq, visit Informed Comment. What is more, some Jewish groups are coming to the aid of AIPAC saying the FBI investigation is bordering anti-semitism - give me a break!!! Hats off to the FBI agents who have taken on such a sensitive investigating. One of my colleagues had once commented that she had not seen such level of corruption in the government since Nixon. Speaking of which, Arnold Schwarzenegger said Nixon was the reason he became Republican - is it me or does that sound scary?!

Just because the siege of Najaf is over, it doesn't mean the violence has ceased. More than 12 people (women & children) were killed in a US air strike trying to get Islamic militants. This strategy has proved such a failure by both the US & Israel, I don't understand why it is still pursued. So much for "precision attacks"!

And here's Day 3 on the Republican National Convention, by Michael Moore, who's providing commentary for USA Today. Bush speaks today & I have to be honest: I haven't been able to hear any of the speeches - they make my blood boil! From the little coverage that I have paid attention to, it looks like the chosen speakers are moderate such as Governor Schwarzenegger from California. And putting Laura Bush & their twins (never mind their problems with alcohol & drugs) to speak, I guess the organizers are trying to portray a personable image of Bush. I have to give it to Moore on Bush's claim that he miscalculated about Iraq: "That must be some comfort to the parents of nearly 1,000 brave soldiers now dead because of his "miscalculation." If I made a miscalculation and ran over a child on the street, what do you think would happen to me? Do you think the cops would simply say, "Hey, Mr. Moore, you did your best driving down this street, you made a miscalculation, the kid is dead, but you are trying to save the world, so be on your way?" Something tells me this is not what would happen. What I don't get is that Mr. Bush makes his mistake and thinks he has a right to continue in his job."

I don't believe in polls, but is frightening to see the President gaining lead. It will be interesting to see the 3 national debates - from what I've heard, neither have ever lost one!