Thursday, January 27, 2005

Greetings from DC!


Well, I'm finally here & doing pretty good alhamdulillah (All Praise is due to Allah). My travel wasn't too bad & I wasn't harassed by airport officials - yaay!

I really like where I'm living - it's an all-women residence hall on Capitol Hill & the girls are very friendly. My room is not too small & the bathroom is close by which is convenient. On Tuesday, I walked to explore my neigborhood & 3 minutes from my home, you can see the dome of the Capitol & it truly is a beautiful sight - & I try not to think too much about who's living in there! I visited the Library of Congress & I have to say that he Jefferson Bldg is gorgeous. What struck me the most are the paintings & how the painters potrayed good govt, bad govt, justice, equality knowledge & wisdom so beautifully - a lot of them were based on Greek gods & goddesses. The metro & bus transportation system is awesome but people here really don't know how to drive - I almost yelled at my Super Shuttle driver on Monday when he was just inches away from a bus!

I started working at Citizens for Global Solutions yesterday & will be in charge of the
Peace & Security programs so it was pretty overwhleming - most of my work will focus on Darfur so I have been trying to learn more about the conflict. Since the organization is close by, it's only a 20 minute walk from where I live so I don't have to face rush hour on the metro & it's good exercise - provided it's not too cold or rainy. I hope to lose some weight with the walking I do - it's interesting to see all the people all dressed professionally - it's rare to see anyone in jeans! Since I am so used to living in a suburb with Walmart & big grocery stores all around me, it's annoying that I can't find just one place where I can shop for all my needs - although I do really enjoy the small stores too. I did get a cute map so I am very excited. What is also fascinating how many people I know are interning in DC at the same time including my dear friend Catherine who I met in Jordan - the world of political insiders and non-profit workers is sure a small one!

Keep tuned...