Monday, February 28, 2005

Congrats Morgan Freeman!

I haven't watched the Oscars for a long time, but last night, a couple girls from my dorm went to watch it in the basement & I had a lot of fun. Although I haven't watched any of the big movies, I'm so glad Morgan Freeman finally got his first Oscar - he's one of my favorite actors & I loved his performance in The Shawshank Redemption, which is one of my favorite movies because it is about never giving up hope. I definitely am planning to watch Million Dollar Baby & Born into Brothels, which received an award for best documentary. I also his acceptance speech was the best - sweet & short & I liked the way he looked up to thank God - at least that's what I think he did! I was really surprised the movie got 4 Oscars but I am glad - I haven't watched The Aviator but I'm just not a big fan of Leo!

It was really disappointing to see Biance sing 3 songs - I'm sure there are more talented singers in the US that can sing - I still don't understand why she had to sing in French and the song from The Phantom of the Opera - I really liked that movie & its too bad it didn't receive anything.

Right after the Oscars, the weather warned of a severe snow storm in DC - about 7 inches. The morning started clear but it got really cold, windy & was snowing pretty hard - it's funny how schools close so easily here, leaving parents in a bind! Plus, Washingtonians don't know how to drive & the bad weather doesn't make it better! I think we're expecting freezing drizzle/rain overnight which probably means slippery roads tomorrow - it's just hard for me to walk to work because the sidewalks are not shoveled as effectively as in Minnesota!

Anyways, time to hit the sack. I'm excited about an interesting lecture I'll attend tomorrow on the Arab World - so I will be back to blog about the recent developments in Egypt & Lebanon.