Sunday, November 20, 2005

Responsible gifts for the holiday season!

I did not grow up in a wealthy family and thus learned from an early age to be very frugal with my money. In my adult life, this has translated into responsible spending but also a sincere urge to differentiate my "wants" and "needs." One of the many things that bothered me about my community back in Minnesota, is how many of them have become affluent suburban residents, without a thought of the affects of that kind of lifestyle on the environment, economic & social justice or just the unsustainable nature of it.

That is why when my friend & colleague Scott Paul introduced me to
SustainUS, I fell in love with the whole concept of sustainable development right away. I attended the retreat in August & Scott has recently persuaded me to head up the organization's policy process. After some thought, I agreed & am really excited about it!

As we approach the holiday season and are bombarded with ads to buy everything under the sun, I'd like to propose that we buy gifts that are not only unique but also fair trade & more! Check out the
OneWorld U.S. Holiday Gift Guide