Sunday, December 04, 2005

Random musings

So I'm finally feeling better after I suddenly came down with a cold last Sunday, which means I haven't been able to work out in about a week and feel really pudgy with all the fatty holiday food around me all the time!

One thing I've realized about DC is that people talk about politics 24/7 & after a while, it gets overwhelming & draining. Sometimes I just don't want to talk about religion, culture or politics! And although I realize that my blog is meant to be a political one, this entry is going to be a random commentary of things I have done or things that have been on my mind in the past few days.

1. Yesterday, two of my friends & I went to Starbucks & while they wrote Christmas cards, I worked on my cross-stitching that I've been working on for about a year! Most of my friends both Muslim & non-Muslim find it funny that I love Christmas. I love the festivities, the lights & decor, the colors, the music, the spirit - all of it! And of course Starbucks holiday specialties - for instance, yesterday I had a Soy Eggnog Chai & it was good! But my all-time favorite remains the gingerbread latte.

Most people wonder why I like the holiday season so much & I am really not sure. However, I do remember that back in Dubai, malls were decorated during Christmas more than they were during Eid and my dad would take us to see the trees, the decorations & Santa Claus & it was always so much fun! Unfortunately, I think Eid can be so boring some times because there have been times I've gone to work or college on Eid or we don't decorate - although my host family in Jordan did. In addition, Christmas always falls during Winter Break & Ive always just associated it with the end of exams & a chance to chill. And the fact that I love churches, church music & Christmas songs just adds to the spirit! Not to mention that living in Minnesota, I am a big fan of WHITE Christmases! This year, I'm going to spend it with my dear friend
Catherine & her family in upstate New York, which should be fun. On the 26th, I fly to Minnesota & will be home for about 2 weeks which will be a nice break from DC.

2. Last night I went to the
Council on American-Islamic Relations annual banquet. Although it was pricey, my friend & I decided to go for the experience - ater all, how many times do we get a chance to be at a CAIR event in DC right? Well, it was an experience for sure - most of my Muslim, friends were there which was fun, but the event was really loooooong. There were way too many speakers who went on & on & on & on & on - you get the point. By the time, it was time for the Muslim hip-hop group Native Deen to perform, most people had left or were too tired to pay attention! Moreover, I tried to be a Washingtonian & bought these cute high-heeled shoes on sale & my feet were killing me. I definitely won't be wearing those very often - I have no idea why women put themselves through that!!

I was particularly impressed by a video message by King Abdullah II of Jordan - he specifically addressed the diversity within Islam & actually mentioned Shias, which I appreciated. One thing that did upset me about the event was that one of the sponsors of the event was the Sudanese government. I understand that other sponsors like Saudi Arabia and Egypt also oppress their people, but the difference is that Sudan is openly committing a genocide & we need to make a statement that we won't comply with that government whenever we can.

3. Since I've been in DC for almost a year, I no longer plan touristy or fun visits to the museums, monuments or just a lot of the other places this city has to offer. So today, my Dutch friend & I visited a used bookstore & an interesting records store in Adams Morgan - I had never seen a record player in my life, so it was pretty exciting! We ended up eating at a Dutch falafel & fries place - something that is apparently very popular in The Netherlands!

Well, this is a longer entry than I anticipated - I will be back blogging on politics soon!